Genetically Manipulated (GM) foods are still being sold, unlabelled, regardless of the wishes of most shoppers; while GM crops are being promoted by industry irrespective of the long term impacts on farming, the environment and human health.

FSANZ, our food authority, allows GM foods into our food supply, relying on the studies done by the companies that manufacture the GM seed. FSANZ does not do independent food safety testing.

South Australia (SA) is the ONLY mainland state in Australia that is still GM-free. The current Labor government and the Greens have committed to maintaining the Moratorium on the growing of commercial GM crops until September 2019. The Liberal party has made no such commitment.

SAGFIN is the not-for-profit, community based organisation in SA, dedicated to protecting people and the environment from potentially dangerous GM foods and crops. Volunteers manage the association.
We gather and distribute information, host public events, liaise with the media and make submissions to governments at all levels. We work collaboratively with other organisations that have similar aims, especially those operating at a national level.

In order to continue researching and disseminating this information we ask for your membership to help keep out the unwanted application of GM to foods and farming in SA.

SAGFIN (SA Genetic Food Information Network Inc)


Membership New member ( ) Renewal ( ) Date ____________

Membership fee:

Concession $10 per year $____________

Ordinary $15 per year $____________

Corporate $30 per year $____________

TOTAL $____________

Donation towards the work of SAGFIN $____________

Surname/Business Name_________________________

Given name____________________________


CITY or SUBURB______________________________________

Post Code_________

Phone No._____________________________(H)__________________________(W)


Please make cheque or money order payable to SAGFIN and send together with this form to:

PO Box 7


Direct Debit to:

People's Choice Credit Union BSB 805-050
A/C No 2342494
SA Genetic Food Info. Network Inc.

at the same time informing SAGFIN of your personal details as above.

Annual fees fall due on 1st of July

For receipt enclose stamped self addressed envelope.

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